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All the items in this category are made in our own workshops from saved and reclaimed timber. Other sizes are available to order. The sizes quoted are for a particular item, if you need more than one or need similar in different sizes please contact us. We have strictly limited stocks of rescued and reclaimed timber. We do not have the facilities or the inclination to mass produce any of the items here but are quite happy to make things from your own reclaimed or recycled timber. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mahogany Patress

A Mahogany Patress turned from seasoned Mahogany rescued from the furnace at the local joinery shop. Overall diameter as shown suitable for switches upto 5 cm in diameter
Diameter: 7 cms
Thickness: 2.3 cms
Item uid: 4852
Availability: 1
Price: £5

English Oak Patress

An English Oak patress turned from quarter sawn English Oak obtained in 1976 from the sawmill 3 years after felling. Overall diameter as shown suitable for switches upto 5.5 cm in diameter.
Diameter: 7.2 cms
Thickness: 1.9 cms
Item uid: 4853
Availability: 1
Price: £5

Pine Patress

A pine patress turned from the `waste` from 100 year old floorboards left over when they are cleaned up and cut to a uniform size by the local salvage yard. Overall diameter as shown suitable for switches upto 6 cm in diameter.
Diameter: 7.7 cms
Thickness: 2 cms
Item uid: 4854
Availability: 1
Price: £5

Indian Roosewood Patress

A light switch patress turned from strictly limited stocks of Indian Rosewood we rescued from a skip. Overall diameter as shown suitable for switches upto 4.2 cm in diameter.
Diameter: 6 cms
Thickness: 1.4 cms
Item uid: 4855
Availability: 1
Price: £6