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Here Be Dragons, Wooden Weirdness
uid: 6735, price: £22.00
Wooden Acorn Finial, superb grain
uid: 5983, price: £25.00
Fruitwood Finials, four in the set
uid: 5947, price: £55.00
Old Oak Things, old pair
uid: 5543, price: £38.00
Reclaimed Pine Finials, ex firewood box pair
uid: 5352, price: £25.00
Mahogany Corbels, hand carved pair
uid: 5310, price: £45.00
Some Wooden things, pair
uid: 5158, price: £15.00
Adjustable Wooden Things, four in the set
uid: 5131, price: £80.00
Hardwood Acorn Finials, set of four
uid: 3182, price: £40.00
Turned Wooden Finials, matching pair
uid: 2909, price: £25.00
Antique Wooden Finial
uid: 2697, price: £22.00
Armoire finials, matching pair
uid: 1896, price: £30.00
Armoire finials, set of four
uid: 1892, price: £50.00