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Antique Brass Bell Pull, spring loaded
uid: 8183, price: £60.00
Victorian Servants Bell, large Bells please Jeeves
uid: 7810, price: £80.00
Antique Bells, Butler, Servant, Shop, Job Lot
uid: 7333, price: £75.00
Unique Beehive Style Bell Activator, low voltage
uid: 7303, price: £65.00
Gilt Brass Bell Push, Low Voltage
uid: 6710, price: £45.00
Architectural Salvage, Fire Bell, very loud
uid: 6693, price: £48.00
Reclaimed Bell pull, Padauk and Brass
uid: 6516, price: £75.00
Solid cast, low voltage brass bell push
uid: 6386, price: £38.00
Fully Restored Telephone Extension Bell, big bells
uid: 6317, price: £65.00
Fully Restored Telephone Extension Woodpecker
uid: 6293, price: £65.00
Reclaimed iron and brass bell push
uid: 6281, price: £28.00
Bakelite Bell Push, full working order
uid: 5353, price: £28.00
Vintage reclaimed clockwork door bell
uid: 5168, price: £55.00
Bakelite Bell Push, low voltage
uid: 5014, price: £28.00
Antique Shop Bell, good tone
uid: 5003, price: £45.00
Unusual Brass Bell fitment, spring loaded
uid: 4131, price: £45.00
Rosewood Handled, Hand Bell
uid: 3371, price: £45.00
Hand Bell, Rosewood Handled
uid: 3369, price: £45.00
Gilt Brass and Ceramic Bell Pull
uid: 2932, price: £85.00
Brass Deskbell, Period Beehive Style
uid: 2527, price: £55.00
Handbell, super quality, great tone
uid: 2274, price: £48.00
Some kind of bell fitment
uid: 1485, price: £35.00
Solid cast brass bell push
uid: 1334, price: £28.00