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Reclaimed Brass Bolts, long contemporary pair
uid: 7584, price: £30.00
Iron Bolt with brass knop
uid: 7532, price: £30.00
Antique or Vintage Cranked Bolt
uid: 7235, price: £25.00
Gnarly Old Draw Bolt, even the pitting has pits
uid: 6351, price: £18.00
Unusual Brass Draw Bolt
uid: 5691, price: £25.00
Large Iron Bolts, three in the set
uid: 5678, price: £48.00
Antique Iron Bolt, HUGE says fat controller
uid: 5597, price: £48.00
Large iron spring loaded bolt
uid: 4638, price: £25.00
Large Solid Brass Bolt, single
uid: 3533, price: £20.00
Huge Antique Iron Draw Bolt
uid: 2844, price: £30.00
Large Heavy Brass Barrel Bolt
uid: 2255, price: £25.00
Solid Brass Square Section Bolt
uid: 2100, price: £28.00