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Reclaimed vintage iron lighting hook and chain
uid: 7789, price: £45.00
Iron cabin hooks, long and strong, pair
uid: 7788, price: £35.00
Reclaimed brass hooks, elegant pair
uid: 7385, price: £12.00
Double Coat Hooks, three in the set
uid: 7365, price: £25.00
Big Brass Victorian Coat Hook
uid: 6360, price: £20.00
Large Brass Cabin Hooks, pair
uid: 5760, price: £65.00
Huge Victorian Iron Hook
uid: 5759, price: £25.00
Vintage Iron Hooks, five plus one in the set
uid: 5633, price: £45.00
Victorian Cast Iron Hooks, huge pair
uid: 5578, price: £55.00
Rustic Iron Hooks, pair
uid: 5535, price: £22.00
Cast Iron Double Coat Hook
uid: 5467, price: £12.00
Bakelite Coat Hooks, four in the set
uid: 5341, price: £35.00
Iron Hook by you know who, possibly
uid: 5337, price: £12.00
Bakelite Coat Hooks, six in the set
uid: 4678, price: £52.00
Large brass double coat hook
uid: 4639, price: £12.00
Victorian Iron Hooks, a strange pair indeed
uid: 4328, price: £22.00
Cast Iron Hat Hooks, set of four
uid: 4152, price: £36.00
Antique Cast Iron Lighting Hook
uid: 3673, price: £28.00
Large Run of Iron Cloakroom Hooks
uid: 3577, price: £320.00
Iron Coat Hooks, set of six, Vintage
uid: 3351, price: £45.00
Open End Snap Sail Hook
uid: 2538, price: £12.00
Large Heavy Double Coat Hooks, pair
uid: 2077, price: £35.00
Large iron cabin hook, long and strong
uid: 1822, price: £26.00
Unusual cast iron gate hook
uid: 1417, price: £15.00
Small, strong iron cabin hook and eye
uid: 1371, price: £12.00
Smal iron cabin hook and eye
uid: 1370, price: £10.00
Old Iron cabin hook and eye
uid: 1369, price: £15.00
Wrought iron hat and coat hook
uid: 1322, price: £28.00
Wrought iron hat and coat hook
uid: 1284, price: £25.00
Cast iron tack hook
uid: 1238, price: £20.00
Solid brass coat hook
uid: 1230, price: £12.00
Iridescent cast iron hook
uid: 1229, price: £7.00
Large cast iron hook
uid: 1226, price: £20.00
Large cast iron hook
uid: 1225, price: £10.00
Large cast iron hook
uid: 1224, price: £12.00
Wrought iron barn hooks, hand forged
uid: 1094, price: £25.00