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Wrought Iron Rim Lock, reclaimed vintage
uid: 8391, price: £48.00
Antique English Oak Cased Rim Deadlock
uid: 8376, price: £95.00
Vintage Brass trimmed wrought iron double handed Rim Lock
uid: 8361, price: £60.00
Heavy Duty Reclaimed Iron Rim Lock
uid: 8258, price: £58.00
Reclaimed Brass Strong Room Lock
uid: 8142, price: £135.00
Georgian Iron Rim Lock, full working order
uid: 8085, price: £75.00
Wrought Iron Rim Lock, reclaimed vintage
uid: 8022, price: £48.00
Victorian Iron Rim Lock, large, heavy, strong
uid: 7975, price: £90.00
Solid Brass Rim Lock, reclaimed engraved
uid: 7934, price: £85.00
Vintage Iron Rim Lock, large reclaimed vintage
uid: 7906, price: £75.00
Antique Iron Three Bolt Georgian Rim Lock
uid: 7847, price: £85.00
Victorian Iron Rim Deadlock
uid: 7817, price: £45.00
Reclaimed Vintage Iron Rim Lock
uid: 7791, price: £48.00
Reclaimed Continental Style Heavy Iron Rim Lock
uid: 7781, price: £55.00
Victorian Style Lock with Antique Keep
uid: 7717, price: £48.00
Victorian Iron Rim Lock, three bolt heavy
uid: 7355, price: £95.00
Reclaimed Vintage Cast Iron Rim Lock
uid: 7309, price: £45.00
Brass Rim Lock, all reclaimed brass
uid: 7223, price: £65.00
Antique Rim Deadlock, saved from the scrap bin
uid: 7174, price: £55.00
Antique Victorian Iron Rim Lock
uid: 7108, price: £48.00
Bathroom or Study Lock, complete
uid: 6913, price: £58.00
Solid Brass Dead Lock, reclaimed mystery
uid: 5566, price: £58.00
Vintage brass rim deadlock, original key
uid: 4509, price: £60.00
Antique Wrought Iron Metal Gate Lock
uid: 4018, price: £48.00