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Cupboard Door or Drawer Handle, black iron
uid: 8377, price: £9.00
Bronze or Pink Brass Door Handles, large pair
uid: 8204, price: £85.00
Brass Handles, decorative pair
uid: 8187, price: £25.00
Decorative Brass Double Door Handles, which way up
uid: 6401, price: £85.00
Bronze Double Door Handles, unpolished pair
uid: 6307, price: £65.00
Antique Cast Iron Handles, pair
uid: 5814, price: £42.00
Brass Pull handles, pair
uid: 5281, price: £55.00
Bronze Handles, decorative pair
uid: 4935, price: £52.00
Antique Door handles, cast bronze, double door
uid: 4464, price: £75.00
Solid Brass Handle, Vintage Surreyware
uid: 4302, price: £12.00
Gothic Revival Cast Iron Handles, pair
uid: 3738, price: £75.00
Patent Brass Handles, pair
uid: 3667, price: £28.00
Antique Wrought Iron Latch Lifter
uid: 3273, price: £48.00
Cast Iron Handles, small pair
uid: 2931, price: £15.00
Cast Brass Decorative Door Handles, pair
uid: 2774, price: £40.00
Gothic Brass Door Handle
uid: 2673, price: £25.00
Cast Brass Door Handle, Indian
uid: 2349, price: £45.00
Large Iron Door Handle, complete
uid: 2096, price: £78.00
Trunk handles, steel reclaimed
uid: 1902, price: £10.00