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Brass Candle Sconce, attractive
uid: 8182, price: £28.00
Mystery Object, chestnut roaster perhaps
uid: 8097, price: £45.00
Green Iron Thing With Numbers On It
uid: 7960, price: £10.00
Antique Cast Iron Vent, heavily cast
uid: 7754, price: £58.00
Black Iron Security chain, reclaimed vintage
uid: 7621, price: £35.00
Large Brass Adjustable Things, Four in the set
uid: 7335, price: £60.00
HUGE Cast Iron Vent, It is HUGE
uid: 6848, price: £175.00
Brass Trunk corner protectors, four in the set
uid: 6820, price: £20.00
Vintage reclaimed iron screw in eyes
uid: 6791, price: £25.00
Iron Chain, Ridiculously Heavy
uid: 6686, price: £35.00
Brass Umbrella holder with iron drip tray, set
uid: 6495, price: £58.00
Reclaimed Brass Numbers, Ten in the set
uid: 6491, price: £35.00
Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Dogs of War
uid: 6129, price: £45.00
Mystery Item, from the shoe industry perhaps
uid: 5753, price: £55.00
Antique Brass Door Stop, Tonks
uid: 5357, price: £32.00
Mysterious Bakelite Toggle Switch
uid: 5329, price: £28.00
Marine Bronze Boat Vent
uid: 5309, price: £65.00
Antique and Modern, upcycled maybe
uid: 5053, price: £25.00
An iron thing, possibly to do with curtains
uid: 5049, price: £22.00
Old metal spike with hole at one end
uid: 4949, price: £15.00
Restored Hardwood light or WC pull
uid: 4882, price: £22.00
Georgian Iron Clock Weight
uid: 4798, price: £25.00
Walk In Bakelite Sign
uid: 4786, price: £10.00
Bakelite Switch, heavy duty looks like
uid: 4785, price: £22.00
Open and Closed sign Bakelite, double sided
uid: 4784, price: £18.00
Antique cast iron barn hook
uid: 3931, price: £15.00
Bakelite Time Delay Switch, Collectors Item
uid: 3869, price: £45.00
Unusual contraption marked Waste
uid: 3744, price: £35.00
Tethering Ring, Heavy Duty, Cast Iron and Brass
uid: 3622, price: £48.00
Antique Brass Tripod Feet, set of three
uid: 3453, price: £45.00
Inglefield Clip
uid: 3447, price: £12.00
Antique Wrought Iron Fly Nuts and Bolts, set of four
uid: 3300, price: £25.00
Iron Collapsible Steps, pair
uid: 3296, price: £25.00
Brass Umbrella Holder, gothic style
uid: 3053, price: £28.00
Castors, Large, Heavy, four in the set
uid: 2786, price: £60.00
Galvanized Steel Pulleys, pair
uid: 2691, price: £18.00
Marine Bronze Cleat
uid: 2328, price: £30.00
Marine Bronze Cleat
uid: 2325, price: £28.00
Brass Pulley Single Wheel
uid: 2298, price: £15.00
Vintage Brass Number Plate
uid: 2259, price: £9.00
Vintage Brass Number Plate
uid: 2257, price: £9.00
Brass Vintage Number Plate
uid: 2185, price: £9.00
Dome head iron nails, handmade
uid: 1858, price: £40.00
Set of four iron screw in pulleys
uid: 1685, price: £35.00
Old brass lead filled weight
uid: 1047, price: £12.00