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Original Iron Door Knocker, Kenrick and son
uid: 9283, price: £75.00
Reclaimed Brass Door Knocker, antique probably
uid: 9236, price: £48.00
Brass Lion Mask Door Knocker, well cast
uid: 9096, price: £45.00
Antique Brass Door Knocker, elegant simplicity
uid: 8939, price: £60.00
A reclaimed cast iron door knocker
uid: 8362, price: £48.00
Antique Iron Knocker, another Kenrick
uid: 7179, price: £58.00
Cast Iron Bat Knocker, Kenrick original
uid: 7166, price: £65.00
Antique Door Knocker, Kenrick Iron
uid: 6893, price: £65.00
Antique Iron Door Knocker, Ancient Iron
uid: 6708, price: £395.00
Reclaimed Iron Door Knocker
uid: 6688, price: £35.00
Antique Iron Lion Mask Door Knocker, old but sound
uid: 6653, price: £95.00
Decorative Cast Iron Door Knocker, reclaimed repro
uid: 6531, price: £45.00
Antique Iron Door Knocker, Kenrick
uid: 5962, price: £70.00
Ancient Antique Iron Door Knocker
uid: 5844, price: £75.00
Ancient Old Door Knocker, duck egg blue survivor
uid: 5649, price: £55.00
Lion Mask Door Knocker, we had the original
uid: 5645, price: £55.00
Famous Bat Door Knocker
uid: 5351, price: £65.00
Victorian Brass Door Knocker
uid: 5262, price: £68.00
Ancient Antique Iron Knocker, reclaimed
uid: 5138, price: £65.00
Iron Letterbox and Door Knocker Set
uid: 5117, price: £75.00
Cast Iron Lion Mask Door Knocker
uid: 4087, price: £45.00
Victorian Brass Door Knocker
uid: 3824, price: £58.00
Cast Iron Mercury Door Knocker, Cross
uid: 3791, price: £85.00
Antique Cast Iron Door Knocker
uid: 2326, price: £68.00
Cast Iron Door Knocker
uid: 2042, price: £65.00
Cast iron door knocker, popular design
uid: 1965, price: £65.00
Cast iron door knocker, reproduction
uid: 1080, price: £35.00
Cast iron letterbox and door knocker
uid: 1078, price: £48.00
Solid brass door knocker
uid: 1069, price: £30.00
Wrought iron door knocker
uid: 1068, price: £45.00