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Full details for Victorian Brass Geared Roof Vent Drives by Gibbons

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Depth: 4.2 cms
Overall height: 8.8 cms
Width: 3.5 cms
Item uid: 3839
Availability: 1
Price: £65
A collection of 5 geared drives by Gibbons of Wolverhampton. Heavily cast gearbox with what looks like phospher bronze gears. Probably originally used for opening and closing green house vents. The 5 sets shown here are all in working order and turn freely. The square hole at the top, which presumably takes a devize that connects to the vent is 7 mm square. We supply a single suitable square shanked key that fits well and can be used to operate the gears. Applications of these devizes are limited only by your imagination. Finally we supply a 6th gearbox that appears to be partially seized (not shown). Price shown is for the entire set of 5 plus one free.